Environmental Management

Full compliance with the regulations regarding environmental protection...

Aster Textile Group established the environmental management system to formalise the monitoring of its strategy, targets and activities related to its environmental performance. The system ensures that these practices are implemented simultaneously at all Aster facilities. Work is underway to improve the Group’s environmental management program. Management meetings are planned where environmental issues will be reviewed on an annual basis. With this effort, Aster Group aims to review and enhance the traceability of its environmental performance criteria.

In line with Aster’s sustainability strategy, work has commenced to reduce the carbon footprint at Aster facilities. The Green Office Work Group was set up to raise environmental awareness among employees. The Work Group’s activities include administering training programs to raise environmental awareness among the staff and their families. These efforts are aimed at changing consumption patterns both in employees’ professional and private lives, thereby reducing individual and institutional carbon footprints.

Aster Textile is a member of the Higg Index as a manufacturer. The index was developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to accurately measure and score a company or product’s sustainability performance. Aster implements the Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) of the index within the organisation in order to identify areas of improvement.