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Establishment of
Aster Textile

110,000 M2

Total Area of

As a family business founded in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey, Aster has grown to be one of the world’s leading textile companies with its product range. Aster Textile has maintained its market leadership position by embracing its core values. Currently, Aster ranks among Turkey’s top 10 exporters in the textile and ready-made garment industry.

Aster Textile has achieved sustainable growth by investing internationally, with operations in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Serbia, and Bangladesh. With its highly experienced design and business development teams in Istanbul and London, Aster Textile anticipates its customers’ needs, developing and delivering in-demand products and solutions accordingly. All Aster business processes, from initial design to final delivery of products to client stores, are managed meticulously by the in-house teams.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Aster Textile provides creative, innovative and high-quality products with a flexible service approach. Aster serves its global customers in various countries with Business Development Centres in Istanbul and London, as well as production facilities and business partners in the Far East. Aster Textile closely follows world fashion trends and innovations in a range of product groups with a global and visionary perspective. Aster’s highly experienced design and business development teams in Istanbul and London are working in the centre of global fashion culture.

Aster operates facilities located in Istanbul Esenyurt, Kırklareli Babaeski, Tokat Erbaa, Tekirdağ Çerkezköy, Serbia-Niš, on a wholly owned enclosed area totalling 110,000 m2. Aster Textile delivers its products – primarily knit and woven fabric clothing collections for women, men and children in addition to sportswear – to nearly 30 global customers located in over 10 countries around the world.

Vision, Mission Statement and Our Social Values
Our Vision

Together we create contemporary and thoughtful fashion for you.

Our Mission Statement

To be one of the top five textile exporters in Turkey by offering products with high added value, flexibility, entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative approach, without compromising our ethical values.

On this journey we endeavour to respect people, our planet and life, and we remain dynamic and contemporary by continuously learning, teaching and changing. We contribute to our society by raising awareness about the world and our shared responsibilities.

Our Social Values

We respect the rights, differences and values of all our employees as well as other members of society.

Through the Aster Foundation, we aim to bring about long-term improvements in the lives of our people and to the environment where they work. Committed to protecting the future of our planet, we undertake many efforts that are designed to raise the awareness of global environmental problems. We put social responsibility at the centre all our business operations as well as our relations with the world beyond our company.