Aster’s extensive experience in production is combined with flexibility and modernity.





Aster Textile operates four production facilities in Turkey and Serbia. These facilities are among the largest and the most state-of-the-art in the regions where they are located. Aster combines its extensive experience in production with flexibility and modernity, using the latest technologies in all its work processes to produce high-quality products and deliver them to markets around the world. In today’s challenging global marketplace, Aster Textile provides solutions that best meet customer demands, with more than 2 thousand employees and a monthly production capacity of 120 million minutes.

Aster is capable of responding to the varied needs of its clients, from luxury product groups to high-volume production programs, thanks to its extensive production capacity. Throughout its operations, Aster uses the Lean Production System, developed to provide the highest efficiency in all stages of production.

Aster is making significant gains in terms of time by using its own fleet in the delivery of semi-finished and finished goods in Turkey. The processing of goods, whose production is completed and quality control stages are finalised, is controlled at the Aster warehouse facilities until delivery. Products in the delivery stage are safely transported to various sales locations across the world by customer-approved logistics providers. Maximum efficiency is targeted at the production stage as well as during pre- and post-production. Service quality provided to customers is continuously improved at Aster.