Creating value through the sustainability concept...

Aster Textile operates in the ready-made clothing industry, which faces a wide range of social and environmental challenges. In keeping with its responsible management approach, Aster executes its vision of “Thoughtful Fashion” to help discover solutions to these issues.

In 2019, Aster Textile formulated its sustainability strategy with a holistic approach in order to manage its economic, environmental and social impacts under one roof. Aster integrated this strategy in to its business model. Committed to developing an inclusive strategy, Aster Textile focused on the key practices that meet the opinions and expectations of its stakeholders. The strategy is divided into five main categories, with each category defining various actions to create value in the area of sustainability:

Pillars of Aster Textile’s Sustainability Strategy

  • Sustainable Products
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Health and Welfare
  • Responsible Management
  • Environmental Awareness

Aster established a Sustainability Committee to evaluate the efficiency of the strategy and the values created. The Committee also ensures that action plans outlined in the strategy are implemented in accordance with the relevant timelines.