Sustainability is integral to the Aster company strategy and our corporate ethos.

Aster and our partners work ethically and responsibly. We bring high standards in social, economic and environmental compliance to every part of our business.

As a participating member of the UN Global Compact, we have developed a roadmap for the implementation of a wide range of policies. The Aster organisation has always enjoyed a very positive balance relating to gender equality, diversity and inclusion and we are a member of the Target Gender Equality programme. We also have strong and monitored systems to support and protect our commitments to fairness and empowerment for women throughout our organisation.

The Aster Environmental Policy went live along with the Aster Code of Conduct, the Transparent Supplier Assessment and Remediation Policy, the Aster Code of Ethics and Employee Grievance Policy. Through the development of our Transparent Supplier Assessment and Remediation Policy, and our Aster Code of Conduct program, we are able to monitor and evaluate our supply chain. The Aster Code of Conduct involves training programs to fully align our stakeholder partners with our vision and goals for our future sustainable business.

Consumptions in the Aster production facilities have been accredited as Sustainable since 2011. All sites are adapted and equipped with the following innovative systems and technologies:

  • Isolation systems and daylight roof solutions
  • Energy efficient steam boilers and compressor systems
  • Single row lighting armatures with height adjustment
  • Infrared sensors and water saving kits
  • Separated energy and water metering
  • Servo motors and LED lamps on all sewing machines
  • Reduced air consumption through innovative configurations on overlock machines
  • Conversion from LPG energy to Natural Gas

Aster is committed to reducing the use of harmful fibres and negative raw materials. All cotton fabrics are BCI cotton, and all sites are accredited for the manufacture of:
(Aster is committed to reducing the negative impact of raw materials. All our cotton is BCI certified, and all our production sites have the following certifications:)

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)
  • Recycled Blended Claim Standard
  • Organic 100 Content Standard (OCS)
  • Organic Blended Content Standard
  • Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)

Throughout the Aster facilities we have initiatives in place for the collection and management of excess raw materials and cutting waste. We develop a circular product range utilising a combination of recycled waste materials, fabric over stocks and production left overs, along with recycled plastic & polyester, which we named “The Second Life Movement”.

With a focus on becoming a global leader in sustainable fashion, we are committed to being a symbol of trust, continuity and integrity.

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